Amanda holden booed off stage as she sings let it go at bgt in birmingham

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One contestant on BGT in 2015 annoyed Amanda Holden with a chất lượng cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen. As a tín đồ of the film, Amanda was hoping Aaron Marshall would sing a beautiful rendition. But she got something completely unexpected.

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Aaron put a death metal spin on the beloved Disney song, prompting Amanda khổng lồ hit her red buzzer. She got even more upset when her fellow judges failed to lớn back her up in criticizing Aaron. Kiểm tra it out in the đoạn clip below.

Aaron Marshall Sings ‘Let It Go’ On ‘BGT’

Aaron introduced himself khổng lồ the BGT judges and told them that he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. The judges congratulated the 20-year-old và welcomed him to start his performance.

When Amanda heard the opening notes to lớn “Let It Go,” she threw her hands up and cheered. She was soon horrified, however, when Aaron started singing the lyrics in a growling voice. Amanda immediately hit her red buzzer.


The audience watched in shock as Aaron continued his performance, và Alesha Dixon laughed at Amanda’s anger. “Get off!” Amanda shouted at Aaron, who continued to sing. “It’s lượt thích Satan singing it!” she added.

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Eventually, the audience got into the performance, waving their arms back & forth & singing along with the lyrics. “He’s being outsung by the crowd!” BGT host Declan Donnelly noted.

Did Aaron Make It Through lớn The Next Round?

Amanda, meanwhile, sat with her arms crossed until the tuy vậy was finished. The BGT crowd cheered when Aaron sang the last line of the song normally. He actually received a standing ovation.

“I found that offensive. I really hope you đại bại your voice this afternoon,” Amanda told Aaron after his performance. Meanwhile, Simon Cowell said he could see Aaron releasing an album of classic songs in that style.


David Walliams asked what Aaron would vị next. He said he would do “Hakuna Matata,” prompting David to vote “yes” to lớn sending him through. Simon and Alesha also voted “yes,” leaving Amanda as the only “no” vote.

“It’s a big, fat, cold, icy, frozen no!” she told Aaron. But it didn’t matter, because Aaron made it through khổng lồ the next round. Unfortunately, he never made it khổng lồ the semifinals, so we didn’t get to hear his take on “Hakuna Matata.”