Nsspiral/blackb0x: apple tv 2/3 jailbreak


Here is a step-by-step guide about Jailbreaking Apple TV 3rd Generation using BlackbOx. Every three years, táo bị cắn dở TV receives a new model. On the other hand, táo apple has long discontinued support for older TVs that do not

Apple TV 3If you have access to lớn a Mac, it will be completed through the macOS app. Once your device is jailbroken, you can run Kodi on your TV. Kodi is a well-known open-source truyền thông media player software that can give you an add-on for every streaming service you can think of without any hassle. See Also: How to lớn Use Kodi On Pc The preceding generations were mostly forgotten when the 4th Generation arrived in 2015. So, if you own an táo bị cắn TV from the 3rd Generation or earlier & want khổng lồ make it compatible with current platforms, stick around! 

Jailbreaking táo bị cắn TV Using BlackbOx và Snow3rd

You may modify your táo TV 3rd gen by jailbreaking it and installing custom themes from third-party applications. The BlackbOx software, according to lớn BlackbOx on GitHub, is compatible with the following táo bị cắn TV models: táo TV 3,2 (A1469), táo bị cắn dở TV 3,1 (A1427), và Apple TV 2,1. (A1378). 
Apple ModelModels A1469 & A1427 have a tethered Jailbreak system. While in A13878, it is unattached. When using a tethered jailbreak, you must repeat the entire process every time the device restarts. However, with an untethered jailbreak, it is completed once và for all. 

Jailbreaking táo khuyết TV 3rd gene Using BlackbOx

This is a step-by-step guide on installing the BlackbOx software on your television & then jailbreaking your táo bị cắn TV 3rd Generation: 
Apple TV HDMI và Power Cable Location1. Connect the power nguồn cable and Apple TV with your PC through micro-USB. 2. Download and run the BlackbOx software. Right-click Blackb0x.app & select ‘Open’ from the thực đơn (Important).3. Select ‘Jailbreak’ from the drop-down menu.4. Enter DFU mode according to lớn the instructions lớn obtain the update.

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Kodi on táo TV5. Once the jailbreak is complete, connect to your television & wait 5-10 minutes for Kodi to lớn appear.

You must also ensure that your Mac is connected lớn the internet throughout this procedure, i.e., until Kodi displays on your screen.In a few minutes, your jailbroken TV will be at your disposal, ready lớn provide you with endless entertainment.If you own an táo khuyết TV 3,1 (model A1427), you will need to lớn take an extra step. It is most likely because the A5 processor used in that mã sản phẩm of táo apple TV is the same as the máy tính bảng ipad 2 and iPhone 4S. The necessary code is included in Blackb0x – the ‘Rev A’ táo bị cắn dở TV featured a modified single-core A5 – which doesn’t appear khổng lồ require this additional jailbreaking step.

Jailbreaking táo bị cắn TV 3rd gene Using Snow3rd 

The following steps are a guide for Jailbreaking hãng apple TV 3rd Generation using Snow3rd:
iOS 5.0.21. Make sure your táo apple TV 3 is running tiện ích ios 5.0.2 or an earlier version of iOS. Snow3rd is unable to jailbreak táo khuyết TVs that are running quả táo 5.0.2 or later.
Windows 72. Make sure you have a computer that runs Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Snow3rd is only compatible with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows; it does not work with Windows 8 or Mac OS X.3. Get Snow3rd on your computer.4. Choose lớn store the.zip tệp tin on your computer’s desktop.5. On your windows computer, close and stop all open applications và processes.6. Use a micro-USB cable to connect the táo khuyết TV 3 khổng lồ your computer.7. Unplug the apple TV from its nguồn supply.
8. Open the Snow3rd.zip file on your Windows desktop và double-click it.9. Select ‘Jailbreak’ from the drop-down menu.10. When the ‘Jailbreak Successful’ message appears on screen, close the Snow3rd dialogue box.11. Remove the tiny USB cable from the táo khuyết TV 3 & restart the device.12. After the restart, reconnect the táo bị cắn TV 3 to your computer and mở cửa iTunes on your PC.13. Check to see if iTunes detects your táo TV 3.14. Plug in the apple TV 3’s power nguồn adapter and HDMI cable.As a result of this Jailbreak tool, táo bị cắn dở TV 3 is now ready khổng lồ install apps from sources other than the app Store.

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You will have full access to the file system as well as the ability khổng lồ install third-party applications. You can also use the jailbreaking community to install programmes like Kodi & some third-party táo bị cắn TV extensions.
As we discussed in the steps mentioned above, you can easily jailbreak táo khuyết TV 3rd gene using a few tools.
Unlike táo bị cắn TV 4, Roku, và Amazon Fire TV, the apple TV 3 will only have apps introduced by Apple. It is not feasible lớn manually địa chỉ new programmes.
The 3rd Generation apple TV is still functional despite its age. For those who merely want to view movies, TV shows, & listen to music, the táo bị cắn TV 3 is a nice choice.
Apple continues to offer all of the capabilities accessible on the 2021 hãng apple TV 4K, including the same functionality as the original táo TV 4K, in addition lớn the original táo bị cắn dở TV 4K.


Anyone who is bored with their táo bị cắn dở TV 3 can easily customize it và access its unlimited entertainment potential. BlackbOx is a ground-breaking software that allows you to bypass Apple’s restrictions on your television và is incredibly simple khổng lồ use & run. I hope my guide on jailbreaking the táo TV 3rd gen using BlackbOx was insightful and will help you khổng lồ upgrade your device. Don’t forget lớn be patient during the process of jailbreaking your táo bị cắn dở TV 3. Grab a coffee maybe, you’re about to welcome Kodi on your screen!

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