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Support & development for the whole child

2nd Edition

Naomi Simmons, Tamzin Thompson & Jenny Quintana

New Family và Friends 2nd Edition combines brand-new fluency, culture, assessment, and digital resources with the features teachers love from the first edition; fast-paced language, strong skills training, unique phonics programme, civic education and comprehensive testing.

Features for Family & Friends 2nd edition include real-world fluency development with supporting DVD, interactive Online Practice, new và updated assessment và testing material, & additional culture focus sections.

Class BookWorkbookWorkbook & Online PracticeTeacher’s Book PlusTeacher’s Resource PackClassroom Presentation Tool
Fluency Time! sections introduce functional, everyday language so pupils can hold a conversation from the very beginningHands-on project & craft activities provide fun, motivating speaking practiceOptional culture pages offer more variety và opportunities for cultural comparisonsOnline Practice you can assign và trackTeacher’s Book Plus Package with Classroom Presentation Tool, Fluency DVD and Teacher"s Assessment & Resources content.

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Support & development for the whole child.Family and Friends has a very clear methodology with objectives for every lesson, và carefully staged activities to support your pupils’ learning.Every unit opens with a clear vocabulary và grammar presentation lớn introduce new language. The challenging syllabus encourages children lớn achieve more.Skills Time! lessons provide a strong structured skills programme so listening, speaking và literacy skills are continually improving. New & updated content for 2nd Edition means learners will engage even more with the topics.New differentiated writing portfolios in the Teacher’s Assessment và Resources help with mixed-ability classes and mean you can keep a record of your learners’ writing achievements.Phonics is straightforward and fun! Children learn lớn recognize và produce the sounds of English, the letters that form them and the words that contain them. This means each sound is taught in a way that’s easy to lớn understand. The progression is specially written for non-native speakers và is particularly well structured for children who do not use the Roman alphabet.New optional culture sections at the back of the book offer even more variety with opportunities for learners to compare their own life with those of English-speaking children of the same age. They cover topics such as family, wildlife, and school which are all familiar subjects so learners will have something khổng lồ relate to & talk about. Vì you need help preparing for tests?There are print-ready và customizable course tests so you can create tests lớn practise a particular language point or to suit mixed ability classes. There is new additional preparation and practice material for Cambridge English (YLE) & Trinity exams.But it"s not only about academic success - Family và Friends develops the whole child too. The values syllabus, found in the songs và stories, helps children develop social & emotional skills which guarantee success in the classroom and at home.
New Fluency Time! sections come after every 3 units.They introduce functional everyday English. Pupils learn key phrases that will help them in real-life situations, such as introducing people, making arrangements, looking for & finding things, or communicating at the dinner table. This means pupils can practise speaking và hold a conversation from the very beginning.The Fluency Time! Sections are supported by a Fluency DVD. Learners can see British children using the new language in real-life situations that are familiar to lớn them, for example, at the park and at school. They can also use the DVD as a model to act out their own stories.There are new project và craft activities in the Fluency Time! sections too. Kinaesthetic learners will love the hands-on element và all learners can use their completed craft projects khổng lồ practise everyday English phrases in a more personalized dialogue.All the templates and instructions for the projects are in the Teacher’s Assessment và Resources making it really easy khổng lồ set these activities up in class.As well useful phrases which reflect daily life, the Everyday English phrases give additional preparation and practice of language needed for the speaking part of the Cambridge English: (YLE) exams.All the Fluency Time! Material is supported by extra comprehension activities in the Workbook.