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FTISLAND main vocalist Lee Hong Ki had enlisted on September 30, 2019. Lee Hong Ki, who was discharged from the military on April 18, 2021, returned lớn the screens & has been working without ceasing for 4 months. This is not a first for Hong Ki. He first appeared on television as a young boy and has always worked hard ever since. There were times when he gave a concert with 27 hours of sleeplessness due lớn dealing with many jobs such as shooting TV series, shooting variety shows, and broadcasting radio. Since his discharge from the military, he continues khổng lồ work hard in the same way too. Here in 11 items are the jobs Hong Ki has done for 4 months.

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1.He did a V-Live broadcast

Lee Hong Ki, who was discharged from the military on April 18, doing a 1.5-hour V-Live broadcast on April 19, communicated with his fans after a long time & celebrated his discharge.

2.He played the lead role in a musical

He played the lead role of Daniel in the musical "1976 Harlan County", which ran from May 28 to lớn July 4. This musical had a huge impact on Hong Ki. "I believe that people meet, communicate, unite và help each other to lớn live," Hong Ki said in an interview about this musical. This musical reminded him of such human values. Beautiful-hearted Hong Ki emphasized the importance of being a good person. He was so impressed with this musical that he could not hold back his tears in his last performance.

3.He organized a Japanese solo fan meeting

On June 13, he organized a Japanese online fan hâm mộ meeting. He both thanh lịch songs and communicated with his fans.

4.He sang an OST for a game

He quý phái the theme tuy nhiên for a game called El"s Word & was interviewed.

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5.He Collaborated with Baek Ji Young

He covered "Can I Love Again," which is the OST of the 2006 movie "The Romance," with master artist Baek Ji Young, known as the ballad queen, và separately two music videos have been released.

6.He Started hosting a music talk show

He is the host of Mnet"s new music talk show "The Playlist," which has the concept of celebrities sharing their playlists and talking about music. The Playlist is released every Wednesday on Mnet. 7 episodes have been released so far.

7.He was a guest in many different TV and radio shows

Hong Ki has been a guest on a lot of shows since his discharge. Here is the list of all the shows where Hong Ki has been a guest for 4 months.

May 5 - Radio Star (TV)May 12 - SBS nguồn FM DinDin"s Music High (Radio)May 19 - South Korean Foreigners (TV)May đôi mươi - Fishermen và The city 3 (TV)May 22 - Knowing Brothers (TV)May 22 - Omniscient Interfering View (TV)May 25 - Wassup K-Grangma (TV)May 27 - Fishermen và The đô thị 3 (TV)May 28 - Crazy Recipe Adventures (TV)May 30 - Tikita car (TV)June 4 - Delicious Guys (TV)June 7 - SBS Powe FM Cultwo Show (Radio)June 25 - Stars đứng top Recipe At Fun-Staurant (TV)July 2 - Stars vị trí cao nhất Recipe At Fun-Staurant (TV)July 9 - Stars vị trí cao nhất Recipe At Fun-Staurant (TV)July 24 - Amazing Saturday (TV)August 13 - Lunch Attack (Radio)August 16 - Neighborhood Youth With Kim Jae Joong (Radio)

8.He participated in a bowling tournament

Lee Hong Ki is interested in professional bowling as well as his idol life. He participated in DSD Samho Cup Professional Bowling Tournament in July. Although he was eliminated in the first round, he is admirable that he is such a versatile person.

9.He released a Japanese solo music đoạn phim

Hong Ki has announced that he will be making a comeback with a Japanese solo album on September 22. In other words, he had been busy with album preparation since his discharge from the military. There are many issues to giảm giá khuyến mãi with in preparing an album, such as songwriting, composition, arrangement, recording the tuy nhiên in the studio. Hong Ki tries to write and compose songs at every opportunity. He is preparing many songs for future releases. He produced songs too for his upcoming Japanese solo album & filmed the music đoạn phim for the title track "Found Me." The completed music video clip was released on August 4.

10.He did a duet with Choi Joon

Choi Joon is making a Youtube broadcast called "Your tuy nhiên My Song," which has the concept of guesting a singer every week and performing a duet with that singer by performing a tuy vậy in a funny và dramatic way. Lee Hong Ki was a guest on Your tuy nhiên My tuy vậy and quý phái "Still Love You" with Choi Joon.

11.He joined the judging panel of a survival show

Lee Hong Ki, a multi-talented đứng đầu artist, was selected as the jury for MBN"s Korean traditional music survival show "Korean Version Star" (Chosun Panstar). The show"s first episode aired on August 14. It will continue khổng lồ air on MBN on Saturdays.