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Now on Tap

Now on Tap intuitively searches & delivers related information right in the app. This means that you"ll never have lớn leave the conversation or the website you"re browsing to search for information.

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Just press và hold

and Now on Tap displays related information, apps, và actions. See Now on Tap.

Manage phone memory

Use Memory in Settings to monitor the average memory use và performance of tieulongnu.com.vn One A9. You can also use this setting to kiểm tra which apps use the most memory.

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Major change to how you use storage cards

If you have an existing storage card with truyền thông and other files, use it as removable storage so you can insert the card & access your files on any app android phone.

If you have a brand new storage card, you can use the thẻ to expand the internal storage. See Should I use the storage card as removable or internal storage? and Setting up your storage thẻ as internal storage.

Network settings reset

Google settings

Easily manage settings for Google apps and features on tieulongnu.com.vn One A9. Tap Google in Settings and change your preferences.

Smarter ứng dụng linking

Android 6.0 Marshmallow automatically opens the correct phầm mềm for link that you tap in a text or thư điện tử message or website. With smarter tiện ích linking, there"s no more guessing which ứng dụng can handle the links you tap.

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