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Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey ~ fragrance review

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Last week I reviewed Room 1015"s power nguồn Ballad, a fragrance inspired by memories of teenage love và rock clubs in the 1990s. I didn"t think it succeeded as an evocation of that decade, và many of you agreed with me. Ironically, although you (we) might have been listening to grunge or wearing Doc Martens và oversized flannel shirts in those days, there"s a good chance you were wearing a clean- and fresh-smelling fragrance. It might have been a body toàn thân spray picked up at Bath & body toàn thân Works, or it might have been a splurge from a department store. (I personally went through several bottles of Kenzo Parfum d"Été.) It might have been Issey Miyake L"Eau d"Issey.

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In 1992, Issey Miyake was already known for his sculptural-minimal designs, which reinterpreted traditional Japanese techniques of fabric-wrapping và origami in state-of-the-art synthetics & other unexpected materials. For his first fragrance, he collaborated with the perfumer Jacques Cavallier. Miyake reportedly said, "Surely the scent of a woman who"s splashing water on her clean toàn thân is the most beautiful fragrance in the world,"1 và this directive resulted in one of the era"s most successful aquatic-ozonic scents. The new aromachemical Calone had been starting to appear in fragrances like 1991"s Calvin Klein Escape, but it really took on a starring role in L"Eau d"Issey.

L"Eau d"Issey (the name is also a play on "odyssey") includes notes of lotus, freesia, cyclamen, rose, peonies, carnation, lilies, woods, osmanthus, tuberose, amberseed & musk. Cavallier described his finished sản phẩm as "the scent of the spray rising from a waterfall, mingling with the perfume of flowers, và the fragrance of woods in springtime,"2 and that still sounds pretty accurate. L"Eau d"Issey"s "waterfall" feels unisex and freshly showered, with Calone"s signature melon aspect giving it a distinct personality. After all, what does water smell like? (That sounds like a kōan.) 

Just when I start to lớn think that L"Eau d"Issey"s watermelon breeze & I don"t get along, the fragrance"s heart blooms in translucent white floral notes, especially some very clean freesia và a lily with just a hint of saltiness. There"s a sharp, stemmy green note running throughout, và the base is a set of sheer, well-scrubbed wood (almost cedar-ish) and musk. Despite all its "light" & "fresh" notes, L"Eau d"Issey is surprisingly tenacious on skin. At the over of a full workday, I could smell it on my wrists. It had come full circle to lớn its dewy melon-rind introduction again.

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L"Eau d"Issey"s packaging, an icon in its own right, is a perfect fit for the aroma inside. A slender, frosted glass cone topped with a drop of silver, it was made khổng lồ transmit a very clear message: the fragrance inside is nothing lượt thích Giorgio và Poison và other perfume powerhouses of the 1980s. In 1992, L"Eau d"Issey certainly felt lượt thích a breath of fresh air or, more accurately, a splash of cool water. If you"re a tín đồ of more recent clean-and-crisp fragrances like Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis or you"re just looking for something fresh but more sophisticated than the whole CLEAN line, you may want to lớn revisit this enduring 1990s classic. (Docs, baggy jeans, và matte brown lipstick are purely optional.)

1. Michael Edwards, Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances (1996), p 276.

2. Ibid., p. 278.

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austenfan says:

I went through bottles of this, after it just came out. It has changed though, over the years. What hasn’t. It may have been a whole lot fresher than your typical eighties fragrances, but I still find it very loud. I remember it as sweeter, & with more fruit. I worked in hospitals at that point in my life, and it was probably quite a welcome antidote lớn the smells there.

I gave my last bottle of it away to lớn a friend, who enjoyed it to lớn the last drop. Long after I had ceased enjoying it. It’s great lớn read a đánh giá of it, it usually just gets pushed aside. So a big thank you!