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With tieulongnu.com.vn Magic Remotes, you can control your entertainment by simply clicking, scrolling or by using the quality tieulongnu.com.vn Voice Mate™ speech recognition technology.*
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*Please Note: tieulongnu.com.vn Magic Remote is available on select models. Images are for illustration purposes only. Your TV remote may differ from the one shown. Please kiểm tra your TV owner"s manual lớn ensure hàng hóa compatibility.

Prices, promotions and availability may vary by model, store, & online. Prices subject khổng lồ change without notice. Quantities are limited. Kiểm tra with your local retailers for their final price và availability.

It’s so intuitive, it’s like magic! The tieulongnu.com.vn Magic Remote puts you in control of your entertainment experience. Use the quality tieulongnu.com.vn Voice Mate™ speech recognition công nghệ or just wave your hand to change the channel or find something to lớn watch.It’s so cool, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The tieulongnu.com.vn Magic Remote is packed with innovative features that maximize your entertainment experience:

Quick, easy, hassle-free navigating: Easily select features on your tieulongnu.com.vn TV with the wave of your hand, or the scroll of a wheel. A simple point toward your Smart TV moves the cursor around the screen, like a computer mouse, khổng lồ choose & select what you want khổng lồ watch. You can use it for just about everything, including tieulongnu.com.vn Smart TV games. The intuitive scroll wheel lets you simply navigate through the Smart home entertainment guides and web pages or zoom in and out within apps.

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Don’t feel like lifting a finger? Try tieulongnu.com.vn"s chất lượng Voice Mate™: It recognizes how you naturally speak to search for movies or TV shows, change channels and even browse the web. The Voice feature is also great for apps that need text input, like internet searches or social media, making the Voice Mate™ feature on your tieulongnu.com.vn TV Remote the perfect companion for accessing all your favorite content.

One remote controls it all: Finally, you can get rid of all those remotes. This tieulongnu.com.vn TV remote control can control your Blu-ray, Hit, set-top box và sound bar. Now, you can spend more time enjoying your entertainment.

Time to lớn get rid of your remote collection! The tieulongnu.com.vn Magic Remote is the only one you’ll ever need. Boasting intuitive voice & gesture recognition and a sleek, slim design, hassle-free navigation has finally arrived. Browse all of our tieulongnu.com.vn TV remotes & our entire collection of genuine tieulongnu.com.vn accessories, including wall mounts, our amazing 3d glasses và of course our head-turning TVs & so much more. See how we’re making life good.