Does nami like luffy? who will nami end up with luffy or?

Given the extensive history Nami has with her captain, it only makes sense that she has proven her status as Luffy"s best crewmate in One Piece.

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After 25 years of publication, One Piece has introduced fans to lớn countless islands, towns, & characters; however, no pirate crew is as beloved by fans as Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats. While Straw Hat crewmates like Sanji and Zoro receive attention due to lớn their combat abilities, there is one individual aboard the Thousand Sunny that isn't mentioned nearly enough: Nami.

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Although Zoro was the first character lớn join the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami appeared on-screen before any of her Straw Hat peers. Given the extensive history she has with her captain, it only makes sense that Nami has proven her status as Luffy's best crewmate on multiple occasions.


After Luffy's second failed attempt at besting Kaido, the morale of the Straw Hat Pirates was near an all-time low. This belief was seemingly reinforced by the Yonko walking through the streets of Wano và proclaiming the death of the pirate. When Nami, who was hiding at the time, heard this news, she spoke up & defended the honor of her captain by claiming that Luffy wasn't actually dead.

Nami defeated Ulti, one of the Beast Pirates' đứng top officers, but the navigator has no business drawing the ire of Wano's ruler. Kaido defeated Luffy (twice), repelled the Straw Hat Crew, & held off the Ninja-Mink-Pirate-Samurai Alliance by himself on multiple occasions. Despite his strength, Nami never backed down the Yonko, demonstrating her staunch belief in the will of her captain.


The Straw Hat Pirates all received great character moments throughout the course of Alabasta, và Nami is no exception. During the crew's attempt khổng lồ usurp Baroque Works, Nami was chased down by Mr. 1 & Miss Doublefinger. After overcoming his awful sense of direction, Zoro stepped in against Mr. 1, leaving his crewmate in a one-on-one fight with the organization's second strongest female.

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Miss Doublefinger gained the upper hand in their battle and impaled Nami multiple times using her Spike-Spike Devil Fruit abilities. In spite of the Baroque Work agent's efforts, she couldn't khuyễn mãi giảm giá a decisive blow, và thanks khổng lồ Nami's recently acquired Clima-Tact (made by Usopp), the Straw Hat Pirate eked out an unexpected victory.


Early on in One Piece's narrative, the Straw Hat Pirates stop by Nami's childhood home, Orange Town. This ragtag group eventually defeats the fish-man ravaging the town, Arlong, và his crew, only khổng lồ recruit his brother-in-arms, Jinbe, later in the series.

Jinbe unjustly blames himself for Arlong's impact in the East Blue, which leads to lớn a poignant moment between him và the victim of Arlong's reign: Nami. In a moment of empathy and maturity, the navigator expressed that she holds no ill for Jinbe or well-meaning fish-men lượt thích Hatchi, showcasing one more element of what makes her an essential part of the crew.


By the time the Straw Hat Pirates reached the New World, Nami had become a bit of a liability in combat. Her savvy and battle experience kept her from receiving too many beatdowns, but against crews lượt thích the Big Mom Pirates, it seemed like Nami stood little chance of serving any significant role in combat — that is, until she commandeered one of the Yonko's greatest weapons.

Big Mom's Devil Fruit abilities allow lớn her imbue objects with pieces of her own soul, resulting in overpowered weapons lượt thích Charlotte Linlin's childhood companion, Zeus. Nami initially captured Zeus within her Clima-Tact during the events of Whole Cake Island, and after Big Mom abandoned her creation during the Raid on Onigashima, it provided Nami an avenue to lớn compete with the heavy hitters of the New World.

Although Hotori & Kotori, two members of Enel's Divine Soldiers, aren't the strongest antagonists in the Skypeia arc, they are among the few confirmed wielders of Observation Haki in the Straw Hats' journey through Paradise. This makes Nami's unlikely victory over them even more indicative of her right lớn be one of Luffy's most trusted companions.

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Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp combine forces khổng lồ defeat Satori, the older brother of the twins, and as a result, Hotori & Kotori find the Straw Hat Pirates' ship to lớn exact revenge. Nami và the Knight of the Sky, Gan Fall, combine forces to giảm giá khuyến mãi the pair a decisive loss, due in no small part khổng lồ the navigator's wily instincts.

Nami và Sanji have an extensive history together, having each joined the Straw Hat Pirates early on in One Piece; however, the chef is usually the one to save his navigator in times of crisis, rather than the other way around. That makes Nami's defeat of the CP9 agent, Kalifa, even sweeter for fans of the orange-haired thief.

During the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji's refusal khổng lồ harm a woman came back to lớn bite him once again when Kalifa (user of the Bubbe-Bubble Fruit) delivered a beating to the pacifistic chef. Luckily for him, Nami saved the day by using Kalifa's liquid-based abilities against her và electrocuting the CP9 member.

Nami clung lớn the hope that gathering 100 million Berries would free her hometown for most of her adolescence. Despite Arlong breaking that agreement, she has consistently valued currency as a form of agency well into adulthood.

However, Nami's decision to lớn try & use her savings, which totaled around 200 million Berries at the time, to lớn save the life of her enslaved friend, Camie, marked a shift in her perspective. For Nami, who spent large parts of the series collecting loads of treasure, spending it in this way demonstrates how much she developed her empathy.

At this point in One Piece, most fans think of Nami as a founding member of the Straw Hat Pirates; while this is true, there was a point in the series when her loyalties were more ambiguous. Case in point: her, Luffy, và Zoro's stand against the Buggy Pirates in Orange Town.

In an act of self-preservation, Nami feigns allegiance khổng lồ Buggy the Clown and captures Luffy (who had yet khổng lồ officially become her captain) as a sign of goodwill; however, the clown calls her bluff, requesting that she blast her crewmate lớn smithereens. Faced with this decision, Nami made her first choice in the interest of the Straw Hat và put the fuse out with her bare hands.

For the Raid on Onigashima to be successful, each of the Straw Hat Pirates was going lớn have lớn shatter their ceilings, evolve into a Yonko-level crew, and defeat some incredible individuals. Thanks to lớn moments like Nami's victory over Ulti, this ultimately proved to lớn be the case.

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A 400 million Berry bounty was placed on Ulti's head by the World Government — a total that surpassed both Zoro và Sanji's at the time of the Wano Arc. Despite this bounty, Nami not only refused khổng lồ accept Ulti's demands khổng lồ belittle her captain's name; she also made a breakthrough with her weapon, Zeus, and used its full potential to lớn defeat the Tobiroppo.

The Arlong Park arc is many One Piece fans' favorite of the East blue Saga, & a big reason why is because of the thorough investigation that the arc provides of Nami's character. One Piece viewers watch flashback after flashback detailing the effect that the Arlong Pirates had on her hometown, all the while building sympathy for her character.

In spite of everything Nami was going through, she refused lớn turn to lớn others for help, but after Arlong broke his promise to relinquish Cocoyasi Village, she was left with no other option than to lớn turn khổng lồ her newly acquired friend: Luffy. The image of Luffy comforting his soon-to-be navigator by placing his straw hat on her head is one that still sticks with fans over two decades later, và it signaled the beginning of a relationship that has withstood the thử nghiệm of time.

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