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The call released on Netflix today and the ending left us scratching our heads. If you are also wondering what the ending of Park Shin Hye and Jung Jong Seo starrer, we tried decoding it.

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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead: 

South Korean film The hotline released on Netflix today. The international film sees Park Shin Hye & Jun Jong Seo lead the movie. The Lee chung Hyeon directorial follows the journey of two women, Seo Yeon & Young Sook who are living in different years of the same reality. The women cross paths via a cordless phone. The film puts Seo Yeon"s lonely life in the spotlight while viewers play witness khổng lồ Young Sook"s traumatic house arrested life courtesy a Shaman step-mother. 

As the movie unfolds, Young Sook undoes the accident that led to the death of Seo Yeon"s father. In return, Seo Yeon warns Young Sook of her death by the hands of her mother. When both these past events are undone, hell breaks loose as Young Sook tastes blood & results in becoming a mass murdered. When she learns that she is imprisoned for life after killing two people, she blackmails Seo Yeon into digging out the events that lead khổng lồ her arrest. When Seo Yeon refuses, she kills her father in the past & kidnaps Seo Yeon"s younger version. The climax watches Seo Yeon from the future working with her mother in the past and killing Young Sook, or so we are made lớn believe. 

The last scene of The hotline sees Seo Yeon standing mourning her mother"s death. However, as she breaks down watching the tombstone, she is visited by her mother, leaving viewers perplexed about the scene. While Seo Yeon walks out of the graveyard happily, it is assumed that Seo Yeon"s mother survived the fall. It is possible Seo Yeon managed khổng lồ save the mother & ended up in the present day lớn experience that moment with her mother. However, the mid-credit scene breaks open two possibilities. 

The mid-credits scene sees Young Sook from the future contacting her past self and warning about the events unfolding. As she explains, she urges Young Sook to lớn hold on to lớn the phone regardless of the final outcome. As we watch Young Sook laying in the pool of her own blood, presumably dead, she opens her eyes to hint at her survival. 

The first possibility, in this case, is that Seo Yeon và her mother did manage to make an escape, hence landing up in the present day scenario. The alter possibility is that while Seo Yeon managed khổng lồ reset the past for a better present, Young Sook from the past hunts Seo Yeon"s mother và kills her. That could explain the sudden vanishing of the mother in the scene and Seo Yeon landing up in the attic of the murder house. 

What bởi you think the ending meant? Let us know in the comments below. 

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